Terms of Use / 利用規約

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Article 1: Terms of Use

The application's Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as 'Terms and Conditions') apply to all services ZEN APP provides with the application and regarding any action by the user during use.
The Terms and Conditions determine the terms of use of the service. The user shall use the service in accordance with the Terms and Conditions.
The download of the application by the user will be deemed to accept all contents stated in the Terms and Conditions.
The company has the right to change the Terms and Conditions at its own discretion for any reason and at any time.
Unless the company specifies otherwise, any changes to the Terms and Conditions shall become effective from the moment they are displayed on the application.
If the user does not agree with the Terms and Conditions after any changes are made, he/she is to remove the application from his/her smartphones and/or other mobile devices (hereinafter referred to as 'mobile devices') immediately.
When the revised Terms and conditions have taken effect, he/she shall be expected to agree to the whole content of the revised Terms and Conditions, unless stop using the service.

Article 2: Terms of Use, etc.

The user downloads and installs the application to his/her mobile devices at his/her own risk. There is no guarantee that all mobile devices support the application.
The user can use the application from the moment the application is downloaded and then he/she starts using it. However, the application can be downloaded and installed only on the said mobile device.
Regarding "The currencies" and items in the game, the user only has the right to use them in the scope set forth in the application and does not obtain rights of ownership or intellectual property rights and cannot exchange these for any money or valuables outside of the game.
Copyrights and other rights of the application belong to the Company. The Terms and Conditions, unless otherwise explicitly stipulated, do not allow the user to transfer the copyrights or any other rights of the application.
The user is not allowed to perform the following acts.
1) Acts affecting the application such as the use, creation, distribution, and sales of external tools.
2) Attempts to manipulate or modify the parameters or data of the service.
3) Trying to obtain profit using operations the Company did not originally intend (So-called acts of cheating).
4) Disassembling, decompiling, reverse engineering, or other acts directed at analyzing the application's source codes, structures, designs and ideas etc.
5) Acts such as replicating, transmitting, transferring, renting, translating, adapting and modifying the application, and combining the application with other software.
6) Acts that destroy the security devices or security codes embedded in the application.
7) Other acts that violate the rights that the Company possesses with respect to the application.
8) Acts that encourage third parties to perform the above items.
9) Acts such as sublicensing, transferring, relocating, or other methods of disposal of the application or the rights based on the Terms and Conditions to a third party.
10) Acts to remove or modify descriptions of copyrights and other rights that are attached to the application.
11) Other activities that the Company deems inappropriate.
In case the user is in any breach of the provisions of the Terms and Conditions, the Company has the right to terminate the use of the application at any time according to the Terms and Conditions. In such an event, the Company does not bear any responsibilities regarding the user.

Article 3: Exemption from Responsibility

Concerning any damages to the user caused by use of the service, the company does not assume any liability.
If the user causes damage to third parties by using the service, the user shall compensate them at his/her own expense and responsibility.
The Company does not assume any liability concerning damages caused by such as defects, errors and failures in the service, which make it unavailable.
The service is provided for use as is. The Company does not offer any guarantee for the completeness, accuracy, applicability, usability, availability, safety, and reliability of the information concerning the service and the application.
The Company provides the timely information and advice to the user but accepts no responsibility for any effects stemming from that.
The Company does not carry any obligations to fix bugs in the application or develop and improve the application. However, the Company might provide the user with updates or upgrades of the application. In such cases, information on the applicable updates and upgrades is to be treated as the application and naturally the Terms and Conditions apply as well.
The Company assumes no responsibility if the service experiences data corruption, etc. caused by some external factors.


第1条 本利用規約について

アプリ利用規約(以下「本利用規約」といいます。)は、ZEN APPが提供するサービス・アプリを、ユーザが利用する際の一切の行為に適用されます。

第2条 利用条件等


第3条 免責

ユーザが、本サービスを利用することにより、第三者に対し損害を与えた場合、 ユーザは自己の費用と責任においてこれを賠償するものとします。
本サービスは、当社がその時点で提供可能なものとします。当社は提供する情報、コンテンツおよびソフトウェア等の情報についてその完全性、正確性、適用性、有用性、利用可能性、 安全性、確実性等につきいかなる保証も一切しません。
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