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Develop the warring countries of Japan, collect tea utensils, warlords, and cultural figures, steal the country, and take over the country. Easy & free original historical collection game.

Heart of SENGOKU

More than 350 different types of warriors, princesses, court nobles, tea masters, swordsmen, merchants, artisans, and more appear in the game.

There are also more than 60 types of tea ceremony utensils and famous objects under the heaven, such as Kujukumo, Heirigumo, and Sonjoji Temple. This is a historical collection game in which players encounter people, things, and history, and collect their hearts and minds.

The game features not only famous generals such as Oda Nobunaga, Takeda Shingen, and Uesugi Kenshin, but also tea masters Sen no Rikyu and Furuta Oribe, painters Kano Eitoku and Hasegawa Tohaku, Zen monk Sawan, missionary Luis Frois, and merchant Luis Song Sukenosuke.
The tea master Sen no Rikyu, Furuta Oribe, the painter Kano Eitoku, Hasegawa Tohaku, the Zen monk Sawan, the missionary Lewis Freud, the merchant Lu Sung Sukezaemon, and the teahouse Shirojiro. Of course, more than 80 princesses and women, including Princess Sen Hime and Princess Gorohachi, also make appearances.

The author is of the generation that was raised on masterpieces of historical games such as Nobunaga's Ambition and Taikoh Risshiden, as well as historical novels by Ryotaro Shiba and Keiichiro Takashi. This unique world and unique indie warring states game was created by this history buff alone. We hope you will enjoy our game.